By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 27, 2014

It’s practically an axiom today that everyone loves bacon. But it’s more than the smoky flavor that draws us back to those crispy pig parts again and again: It’s also that distinct bacon-y aroma. Having already tackled the chemistry of Sriracha and the chemistry of pepper, Reactions—a video series by the American Chemical Society (ACS)—just released a video that details why we love the smell of bacon. As they point out, some of us even bathe ourselves in bacon scent. What makes the smell so good is the Maillard reaction (responsible for giving browned foods their desirable taste) that occurs when bacon is exposed to heat. That reaction between sugars and amino acids mixes with the melting fats that are so plentiful in bacon and the result, as we know, is irresistible. Does anyone else want breakfast for dinner after watching that?