The Seattle Barkery
Credit: Courtesy of The Seattle Barkery

nally, a food truck that answers the question, "Why can't my dog eat as hipsterishly as I do?" Now, in Seattle, you can take your canine friend to The Seattle Barkery, a food truck full of treats that will absolutely spoil your dog. What kind of eats will you be ordering at the Seattle Barkery? Everything from peanut butter and banana cookies to air-fried chicken feet. That's right—now even your dog can go all-out artisanal.

After all, what dog wouldn't appreciate bacon-topped cupcake, or, as the Barkery likes to call it, "pupcake"? And, while your dog is enjoying his duck neck or chicken jerky, you can order yourself a cold brew coffee and scone from the Barkery's much smaller human menu. So basically, the Seattle Barkery is where dog-owning hipsters die and go to heaven.

As one customer, Janelle Harding, said to the Associated Press, "It kind of seems natural that now that we've conquered the people food truck market that we bring that to our faithful furry friends." After all, there are only so many quirky baked goods you can have before your dog gets jealous.

The business began when co-founder Dawn Ford, a dog walker, started baking dog treats for her clients' and her own pets. Thanks to the high demand for these treats, Ford took to Craigslist and found herself a truck. As the founders Ben and Dawn Ford put it, they "combine their passion for dogs with their passion for providing a fun and unique way of reaching out to our crazy dog lovers in the Pacific Northwest...just like us!"