A bottle of the specially-crafted spirit for the long-running video game series will set you back $330.


The Final Fantasy franchise doesn’t look like its losing steam anytime soon, so what better way to celebrate its continued success (and our continued obsession) than through some game-inspired whiskey?

Universally known for its epic music, elaborately designed locations, and empathetic and unflinching heroes, the series of video games—which started with 1987’s Final Fantasy release—came at a time when many “millennials” were in or reaching their game-playing prime. As such, it grew up with entire generations and has become its own little corner of nostalgia. That’s something Square Enix, Final Fantasy’s developer, has capitalized on not just through its series of 15 or so ever-evolving mainline games (as well as prequels, sequels, expansions, and spin-offs), but through game-themed dining and drinking experiences at Tokyo’s Square Enix and Eorzea Cafés.

Now the developer, which has produced almost a single Final Fantasy game each year since its initial release, is commemorating that 30-year-long history by distilling its carefully crafted identity into a whiskey. For those looking to get a different taste of the game, beginning today Japanese liquor retailer Shinanoya is letting fans, gamers, and drinkers put in pre-orders for their Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary whiskey. Scottish distillery Glenfarclas is responsible for producing the memorial single-malt refill hogshead, originally distilled the same year Nintendo released the first game for its 8-bit Famicom. Even the label is a tribute (mostly) to the initial installment, created by original series character designer Yoshitaka Amano and featuring crystals, a semi-hidden Moogle, and Chocobos.

There are only 303 23.7-ounce bottles available for purchase, with each going for $330 each. And although in-store pre-orders begin today, online pre-orders don’t begin until Friday, January 26. Sales will continue until February 2 if the limited release doesn’t sell out by the preorder dates, but anyway you play it, you’ll have to act fast if you want this taste of gaming history.