Whether short or long, documentary or scripted, these are films you should make time to see if you're attending this one-of-a-kind taste-as-you-watch festival.
Credit: Mark Webster/Getty Images

For 11 years, the New York City Food Film Festival has offered attendees a unique multisensory experience. Here, food lovers are given the chance to explore culinary culture both from the big screen and with their own tongue, tasting the dishes they see as they sit in their seats.

This year's four-day incarnation will run until Sunday, October 22 and feature a diverse roster of films offering new ways of thinking about food, its industry, as well as its personal and communal significance. From the documentary to the dramatic, minutes-long to hour-long, something's certainly screening that will appeal directly to your food tastes.

Opening night featured the nearly hour-long documentary James Beard: America's First Foodie, a chronicle of the modern food movement and its founding father James Beard, but here are seven more festival selections worth seeing this weekend.

The Hungover Origins of Brunch

Depending on where you go and who you talk to, Brunch is either the most important meal of the day… or a completely foreign concept. So where did "brunching" come from? In this two-minute film, viewers briefly explore the various plates the middle-meal incorporates, and how this tasty staple of weekend activities all began.


This world premiere screening offers an up-close look at the world of beekeeping. Produced through a Kickstarter back in 2015, this short documentary follows one family's struggles to harvest their annual crop over the course of six months, delivering an intimate peek into the relationship between bees and farmers.

Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon

Hip-Hop is known for its cleverly crafted and pop-culturally inspired lyrics. In this 10-minute feature, director Estelle Caswell tackles one of Hip-Hop's biggest (and perhaps oddest) fascinations: Grey Poupon. An ode to the fancy condiment, Caswell celebrates the lyrics that love it while attempting to get to the bottom of the jar on why rappers and lyricists reference white wine mustard so much.


This acclaimed 1985 Japanese comedy about a pair of rough-neck truck drivers who decide to help the widow of a noodle shop owner is considered the big screen's first "ramen western." Funny and heartwarming, this tale about the way people and food can magically fit together is a must-see.

1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC

In this mix between short and long-form content, 1-Minute Meal explores New York City's various communities and their cuisine. Chefs and cooks let you step through their kitchen doors in this collection of more than 60 stories about food, dreams, and the plate as an expression of American diversity.

Taste of Love

What are our sensual connections to food? How does what we taste impact how we feel? Can food actually be orgasmic? At the U.S. premiere of this five minute film, a young woman takes an aromatic journey, exploring love while stimulating her taste buds to a point of no return.

Finding Pisco

Director Aaron Straight takes his audience out of what they know and into the depths of rural Peru for this dive into the creation of a misunderstood liquor. Through the lens of two best friends, viewers travel into the region's river valleys to the men and women who distill the clear liquid that can only be made from grapes.