The now-annual bar crawl in honor of the celebrity chef had about 100 attendees, many dressed as Fieri, in 2016.
guy fieri pub crawl
Credit: Desiree Navarro / Getty Images

Guy Fieri has become the celebrity chef everybody loves to hate. Actually, "hate" is a strong word. Deep down, who doesn’t love a good burger, fatty mac ’n’ cheese and all the other comfort foods Fieri has built his reputation on promoting? Instead, the issue is that Fieri is so known for his over-the-top persona – his iconic appearance, quirky lingo and the flame shirts he swears he doesn't even wear – that the spikey-haired restaurateur inherently lends himself to caricature. So if any celebrity chef is going to get a bar crawl where attendees are encouraged to dress up like its namesake, who else would you choose? Eric Ripert? When you think of it that way, FieriCon makes total sense.

As the name implies, FieriCon is very similar to another infamous N.Y.C. bar crawl, SantaCon, but for FieriCon, participants are encouraged to don blond wigs, fake goatees, leather bracelets, wrap-around sunglasses and shirts with flames on them (that Fieri says he actually never wears). Once dressed in the spirit of the chef, these “Guy Fieri enthusiasts” (as FieriCon’s official website calls attendees) will hit five bars “in his honor” on Saturday, November 18. Things kick off at 1 p.m. The Hog Pit before moving on to Pioneers Bar, Stout NYC Flagship, The Keg Room and, officially, ending at Guy's American Kitchen and Bar. However, the site doesn’t list a time for that final stop and doesn’t quite include it on the official route map. The organizer even states, “I do not imagine many people will go to this restaurant.”

If that’s not enough of an indicator of whether FieriCon is truly intended as a tribute instead of just a farce, here’s what David Gold, one of the people behind the event, told the New York Post. “Guy is one of the most hilarious and absurd human beings in the world,” he said. “We just thought, it’s kind of amazing that this guy can go through life dressing like that and talking like that, and we wondered what it would be like to do that for a day.”

This year’s event will be the second annual FieriCon. Last year’s inaugural crawl brought out about 100 people, according to the Post. How many people plan to swing by 2017’s crawl would seem hard to predict, but FYI, the organizers say, “You do not have to dress like Guy Fieri but it is highly encouraged,” so don’t let the fact that you don’t have any shirts with flames on them deter you from heading out for a drink. Like we said, Fieri doesn’t have any of those shirts anymore either.