Mixing really good craft cocktails at home is just getting easier and easier. 
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Credit: Fever-Tree

Canned cocktails are getting better, and that's a fact that I don't mind at all. Convenient, affordable, portable and excellent for the times in life when I can't just pick up and head to the bar. Even better than a pre-mixed cocktail in my book, however, is one that I can easily mix myself. 'Cuz, you know, sometimes I like to add a little more mixer, and sometimes, a little less...

That's why I was excited to hear about a new mixer from Fever-Tree, the west London-based tonic water and mixer company, that is specifically designed for Patron tequila, one of my faves. It's called Fever-Tree Citrus Tonic, and it's delicious.

Starting today, you can buy a 4-pack for $5.99 at bars, restaurants and specialty retailers. Here's hoping it gets on Amazon soon, like other Fever-Tree flavors.

The tonic, which isn't overly sweet or astringent, is flavored with Mexican limes, tangerines and bitter orange (so you don't have to worry about sifting through rock-hard limes at the grocery store if you want to mix a drink at home later that night).

Though you might be more accustomed to drinking gin & tonics, tequila tonics are a worthy competitor, and a smart cocktail for Fever-Tree to bet on, given the still-soaring popularity of the spirit (and it's smoky cousin, mescal). As for me, my college roommate was drinking tequila tonics long before I was able to return to tequila after a few bad nights of a few too many shots (you've heard this one before), so I've been courting the drink for a few years now. (Nora, I'm ready to hang out now!)

As Lee Applbaum, Global CMO of Patrón, puts it, “Tequila and tonic is the new, refreshing long, tequila serve.”

The new mixer isn't just for tequila tonics, either. NYC's Empellón, is going to start serving a cocktail called Fever Dream, which includes hibiscus liqueur, Fino Sherry and Dry Curaçao.

What's nice about Fever-Tree, too, is the absence of high fructose corn syrup, saccharin or aspartame, found in so many other mixers. There are no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavorings, either.

There's a reason bartenders at some of the world's top bars love it so much. They might love it a little less, however, if we all start making tequila tonics at home now.