The 11 days of meals helped Feist record her first album in six years, and now they're in a cookbook.
Credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images

Get your Feist/feast puns ready, because the famed Canadian indie pop star has just released her debut cookbook. Titled Pleasures: The Meals of an Album, the cookbook features recipes for meals that were eaten during the recording of her most recent album, Pleasure, which came out earlier this year.

Co-written by Feist (under her full name, Leslie Feist) and Adrienne Amato, the latter of whom cooked during the recording sessions for the musicians, the 122-page cookbook chronicles "11 days in the studio and over 40 recipes," all of which are vegetarian.

"The making of an album is a communal process on many levels," said Feist in a statement, "and that extended to the community of the kitchen while we were recording. We hope this book will embolden you to expand your repertoire, stock up on simple staples and invite friends into your kitchen to cook some of these meals with them.”

Further extending that community is that all proceeds will go toward the non-profit Community Food Centres Canada, which seeks to "build health, belonging and social justice in low-income communities across Canada through the power of food" by increasing food access, knowledge, and community space.

While it's not clear how Amato ended up cooking for the session, she is also a documentary filmmaker who, according to her website, has a degree in occupational therapy, and has used film as a therapy tool with psychiatric patients, which could have some connection to the emotionally-charged album. As it was Feist's first album since Metals in 2011 (a good start if you want to beyond her somewhat unrepresentative iPod commercial soundtracking hit "1234"), the food seems to have helped get through a long-gestating creative process. So if you're working on a project of your own, why not try recreating those eleven days of food for yourself?