Here, a round-up of stories that will make you think a little harder about what's on your plate (unless you're eating bacon, in which case you can choose to simply enjoy).

By Pamela Kaufman
Updated May 23, 2017
bacon burgers on brioche buns
Credit: © John Kernick

Thought-provoking reads for hungry minds.

It looks a little bit like a baby Komodo dragon (adorably so)--and now the pangolin is facing extinction as wealthy diners in China and Vietnam devour it, says Salon.

Rabbits are even cuter than pangolins! But American chefs are cooking more of them too. Still, rabbits are the opposite of endangered, says Tamar Adler. She reports on "the new ethical meat" in Vogue.

Ok, these guys aren't cute at all: the squirrelfish, bearded brotulas and other so-called trash fish that chefs are now exploring as alternatives to overfished varieties. For more, with awesome illustrations, go to Garden & Gun.

Another ethical debate of the day: Is it moral to sell restaurant reservations to the highest bidder? And should people pay more for the most desirable time slots? The New York Times explores these questions in "Can you Uber a burger?"

Enough of ethics: Let's all just eat bacon. Business Week reports.