The much-hyped vegan-friendly option will be available at all domestic locations.

fatburger and impossible meat burger
Credit: Courtesy of Fatburger

The plant-based burger takeover may have claimed its most ironic restaurant placement yet. Yes, McDonald’s McVegan burger, introduced last year, could have easily been a punchline just a decade or so ago—but that offering is only available in Finland and Sweden. And last month, TGI Fridays’ addition of the vegan Beyond Burger nationwide was certainly a big step forward for that burgeoning burger brand. But here’s an announcement you may not have expected: The California-based Fatburger chain—despite its iconic unhealthy name—is adding the equally-hyped vegan Impossible Burger to all of its nearly 70 restaurants in the United States.

The Impossible Burger—much like its biggest “bleeding” plant-based burger competitor the Beyond Burger—began making inroads into the mainstream dining world over the past couple years primarily by landing in independent restaurants and smaller local burger chains like Bareburger, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, and Umami Burger. But as Fatburger proudly proclaims, this new addition will make it the first national fast-casual chain to carry the Impossible Burger at all of its domestic locations. To be fair, the Impossible Burger isn’t Fatburger’s first vegetarian option—the chain has had a Veggieburger on its menu for a while—but after a successful test run in L.A., this new vegan patty proved its worth.

“I knew from the moment we debuted the Impossible Burger patty in Los Angeles that this was going to do well with our customers—it quickly became one of our best-selling items,” Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn said. “There's no doubt our customers will always love 100 percent beef Fatburgers, but we're hoping to engage both old and new fans alike with a top-notch meat-free option.”

According to the company, though the Impossible Burger patty itself might be big news, the way it will be served is business as usual. Customers can choose to dress it up with the brand’s traditional toppings and customize it with additional items.