From Gail Simmons to Gordon Ramsay, there's only one rule: More is more.
History of King Cake
Credit: © Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fat Tuesday, which is the French translation of Mardi Gras, is something of a last hurrah. There’s partying. There’s drinking. And there’s lots of eating.

For those who observe Lent (as well as those who are looking for any excuse to stuff their faces), today represents a big opportunity to indulge. Whether you're going with pancakes or po’ boys, donuts or drinks, there’s only one rule on Fat Tuesday: More is more. And, if possible, make sure King Cake is involved.

Chefs across the country haven taken to Instagram to show the world how they’re celebrating this day of gluttony, and we're feeling the holiday cheer. It's a Mardi Pardi!

Gail Simmons is celebrating from afar with King Cake.

Justin Beckett is cooking up a Jambalaya special all day.

Jamie Oliver is making ALLLLL the pancakes.

Amy Le puts an Italian spin on traditional Polish paczki by adding in some Nutella.

Alex Carbonell knows how to get festive with green pancakes.

Troy Gagliardo is offering a medley of Mardi Gras-themed food and drinks.

Coleen Speaks cooks up red beans and rice at her neighborhood bar.

Gordon Ramsay knows how to flip 'em.

John Delpha is turning his weekly #TikiTuesdays into an oyster 'po boy and hurricane cocktail feast.

Though this Instagram isn't necessarily about food, we couldn't not include it. Good luck on your quest for chicken, Anthony Bourdain.

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