The sandwich shop will serve Big Micks, Zamunda Fries and Sexual Chocolate Shakes
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Credit: John D. Kisch / Separate Cinema Archive / Getty Images

The Hollywood outpost ofFat Sal’s Deli will celebrate Halloween by dressing up as one of the most iconic restaurants in fast-food history: McDowell’s from Coming to America.

McDowell’s, of course, is where Akeem, the prince of Zamunda, used a mop handle to thrash a shotgun-toting robber. It’s where one employee’s version of the American dream involved graduating from clean-up duty to washing lettuce. It’s where one of the great love stories of our time, Akeem’s courtship of his future bride, Lisa, really started to bloom. (Can you tell that we’re a little excited about the recently announced Coming to America sequel?)

But most of all, we remember McDowell’s for its entrepreneur/hustler proprietor. The pure genius of Cleo McDowell was that he never wanted to be different. He just wanted to be different enough. So he opened a restaurant with golden arcs that served a burger called theBig Mick.

fat sal's interior sign light up
Credit: Michael Bezjian / Getty Images

Fat Sal’s, which is known for its over-the-top sandwiches, fries and shakes, will riff on the Big Mick for its Halloween celebration. The burger will be reimagined as a sandwich with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, fries (yes, Fat Sal's is known for putting fries inside sandwiches) and Fat sauce (the Fat Sal’s version of special sauce, obviously) on a hero.

For this two-day event on Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, the interior and exterior of Fat Sal’s Hollywood will be decorated with a McDowell’s theme. Guest can pair their Big Micks with some Zamunda Fries, loaded with blackened chicken, sautéed onions, cheddar, mozzarella, roasted peppers and habanero aioli. The Sexual Chocolate Shake will feature chocolate ice cream, an entire slice of chocolate cake, chocolate syrup, shaved chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and cherries.

It might not be a feast fit for aqueen-to-be, but it at least sounds like enough to make yourSoul Glo.

Fat Sal’s Deli, 1300 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, 855-682-4373