Last night's Top Chef saw the return of John Besh, some serious knife drama and a slew of seafood. 

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 23, 2017

Last night’s Top Chef saw the return of perfectly-coifed John Besh. He judged the Quickfire, challenging chefs to create their own version of crawfish étouffée, the saucy, smothered Louisiana dish. After Besh filled up on mudbugs, he invited the chefs over to his palatial country home for a meal. Besh's wife was there and chatted about her super-long term relationship with the Southern catch (they met in Kindergarten). The Elimination Challenge kicked off the next day: prepare a party dish featuring two seafoods for Mardi Gras World. There was some knife drama, there was some ceviche mediocrity and in the end, one of the talented final seven chefs had to go home. For those playing F&W’s Fantasy Top Chef, here are the points earned and lost by chefs last night.

Shirley Chung: +3 for winning the Quickfire and immunity with her Singapore chile crab etouffee with crawfish stock. Total points: 59

Nicholas Elmi: +1 for being Stephanie’s surrogate taster during the crawfish challenge since she is allergic to them. +2 for letting Carlos borrow the knife he received as a wedding gift even though he was still mad at him for allegedly stealing an oven in the last episode. -3 for being on the bottom in the Elimination Challenge with his overly complicated, too-soft oyster leek soup with cured amberjack. Total points: 54

Nina Compton: +3 for being on top in the Elimination Challenge with her perfectly seared wahoo with tonnato sauce. Total points: 54

Stephanie Cmar: +2 for her long speech about how incredibly beautiful Padma is and how she can really rock a ponytail. +10 for winning the Elimination Challenge with her crispy fried oysters with tuna aioli. Total points: 50

Carlos Gaytan: -3 for mistreating Nick’s prized knife. -3 for being on the bottom of the Elimination Challenge for his wimpy, underseasoned crudo. Total points: 40

Carrie Mashaney: +1 for apologizing to the crawfish before chopping their tails off. -10 for being told to pack her knives and go for her muddy flounder fritter. Total points: 38

Brian Huskey: +3 for being on top in the Elimination Challenge with his grilled swordfish with shrimp and sweet onion sauce, which Tom said he could eat by the bowlful. Total points: 27

Louis Maldonado: +2 for continuing his Last Chance Kitchen winning streak by besting Carrie in a broccoli-centric challenge. Total points: 18

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