By Justine Sterling
Updated May 23, 2017
Credit: © Tina Rupp

Customers don’t typically frequent strip clubs for the drinks. But on October 20, Los Angeles cocktail lovers may be tempted to visit Cheetahs, a Los Feliz strip club. That’s because mixologist Matthew Biancaniello recently announced that he will guest bartend there that night. Biancaniello is known for his farmers’ market-inspired drinks and the creative boozy ice creams he makes for L.A. ice cream shop Scoops.

While it's a smart idea for mixologists to share their talents outside of bars, there are plenty of places we'd like to drink great cocktails where nobody is baring anything let alone all. Here are a few personal requests for New York mixologists.

Phil Ward’s palomas at the movie theater.
While some theaters do offer bar service, the average multiplex could benefit from expert tequila drinks. At Phil Ward’s Mayahuel, one of the best snacks to get with his fizzy, grapfruity, salt-rimmed Paloma is popcorn topped with cotija cheese and ancho chile. It’s almost as if Ward was planning a theatrical pop-up all along.

Tristan Willey’s high-tech cocktails at the Apple store.
The Booker + Dax bartender would bring a legitimate genius element to Apple's Genius Bar, where one colleague recently had to make repeat visits simply to replace a pair of headphones. Customers could test the new iPhone 5S camera while Willey carbonates gin and juice or centrifuges rum and bananas, and consuming alcohol would make the inevitable wait to get one a bit more bearable.

Jason Mendenhall’s kale margarita at the gym.
Restaurateur Danny Meyer recently started offering a line of juices called Creative Juice at some Equinox gym locations. The organic green juice combines kale, kohlrabi, spinach and swiss chard. Sounds like the start of a delicious, vegetel cocktail like Mendenhall’s Garden Variety Margarita at The Wayland: tequila with fresh kale and ginger juice. Danny, meet Jason. Jason, Danny. You two should talk.

Sean Muldoon’s pre-Prohibition cocktails at vintage clothing shops.
Vintage fashion calls for beautiful old-timey cocktails. At The Dead Rabbit, Muldoon serves an array of pre-Prohibtion cocktails like a Grandieur punch from 1888, which is ladled into lovely, antique porcelain teacups.