Remember those kids who cut their tongues licking chocolate pudding off the lid of tin can? Brace yourself for more of that.
Stranger Things
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

One of the hottest series on Netflix right now is the sci-fi thriller Stranger Things. Set in Indiana in 1983, the show chronicles a family's search for a disappeared child—and is itself an homage to '80s pop culture, with nods to creative luminaries including Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. Stranger Things also incorporates plenty of cameos by beloved '80s packaged foods including Eggo waffles, Pez, Bazooka Joe gum and Nutty Bars. But perhaps the most fetishized item on screen—and the one that's received a real-world interest boost from the show's success—is Hunt's Snack Pack chocolate puddings.

Sure, Hunt's Snack Packs still exist today. But the iconic pudding's 21st-century plastic incarnation is a far cry from its original tin packaging. The portable dessert was introduced in 1969 in a pop-and-pull can as an easy way for children and adults to take a sweet treat wherever they went. And anyone (Gen X, I'm talking to you) who grew up in the '70s or '80s will remember them as lunch box accidents waiting to happen—seriously, how many kids do you remember seeing slicing their tongues open licking the pudding off the lid? By the mid-80s, Hunt's had caught on to the Snack Pack's packaging hazard and switched it up to a pull-tab plastic cup. Much safer.

Fast forward to 2016 and fans of Stranger Things are clamoring for the good ole days. Yes, that's right, Netflix lovers have been phoning up the Snack Packs' manufacturer, asking for its '80s-era packaging to be reinstated. The nostalgia-driven demand has been so overwhelming that TMZ reports Hunt's is thinking of re-releasing its Snack Packs in retro tin cans. Hopefully, this time around, the cans will come with a kid-safe pop top—watching Stranger Things is suspenseful enough without the prospect of a sliced tongue looming over a pudding binge.