By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 09, 2015
Credit: © Blend Images / Alamy Stock Photo

What do you consider the height of luxury? Sipping the finest Champagne in a stretch limousine? Taking a helicopter to your own private island? Owning an apartment with a dedicated pizza elevator that brings piping hot pizza directly into your bedroom? Wait, what was that last one again?

Yesterday, The Guardian reported on a handful of luxury condos in London that have a “butler’s lift” in the master bedroom that is connected to a restaurant next door to the building. Residents of the four apartments equipped with the feature, the most expensive of which sold for nearly $8.5 million, are able to call down and have a meal delivered into their bedroom without even opening their front door. If that doesn’t put every food delivery app to shame (yes, even you, emoji delivery), I don’t know what does.

Interestingly, the pizza elevator addition isn’t entirely new. The dumbwaiters were left over from the structure’s previous use: What are now residences used to be private dining rooms for the Adelphi Theatre’s restaurant. Though if developers wanted to start including pizza elevators in any new building designs, I bet they wouldn’t be met with much resistance. Supposedly the rich people who threw down for these condos loved the concept. “The buyers … were all apparently fans of the idea of being able to order dinner in their pyjamas,” wrote The Guardian. (And yes, they did spell pajamas like that.) Talk about stellar reporting. Tomorrow’s breaking news: The Pope is still Catholic.