I love the Fancy Food Show, which just wrapped up here in New York City yesterday. I found a lot of new things I'm pretty excited about, which I hope will soon appear in the magazine. In the meantime, here are a few of the random things that fall just slightly under the radar, but are worth mentioning (some items may not be available for purchase just yet):

1. The Ginger People have a couple of new drinks called Ginger 'Gizer and Ginger Soother that I thought were intense and lovely. (On a side note, the beverage market is out of control. I counted over 25 companies--mostly under 2 years old--selling energy drinks, vitamin drinks, flavored waters, etc).
2. Seapoint Farms Organic Veggie Blends. We've seen plenty of the shelled frozen edamame, and now they're making this mix of fresh-frozen broccoli, edamame, green beans, spinach and asparagus. That's a winning combo in my book, especially when I want to get a healthy dinner on the table in almost no time.
3. Squirrel Brand Truffle Almonds. I was skeptical (the truffle flavoring of products is a bit out of control), but these were good! The crunchy almonds are flavorful and salty and the truffle flavor is pretty intense.
4. Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor. Since I'm talking about truffles anyway, I will add that Cypress Grove (an incredibly delicious maker of goat cheese) is now selling this delightful chevre, laced with truffle flavor.
5. Dale & Thomas has a fun new line of popcorn candy, including POPOPOPBars (chocolate bars with Pop Rocks), POPClusters (like turtles with popcorn added), and POP Truffles.