Fancy Feast Released a Cookbook So Cat Owners Can Coordinate Meals with Their Pets

The human food recipes were created by the cat food brand's in-house chef.

If you've ever peeled back the lid on a tin of cat food, looked at the contents, and thought "I wish I could enjoy the same culinary experience my pet is about to have" then man oh man, do we have some good news for you.

Fancy Feast has just launched its Petites line of single-serve cat entrees, and it has also published a cookbook—for humans—that accompanies its new meals. The 12 recipes in Petite Feast: A Cookbook have been created by Amanda Hassner, Fancy Feast's in-house chef, with some assistance from James Beard Award nominee Jerrelle Guy and "actor turned baker" Josh Snyder. (He's married to Angela Kinsey, who played cat-obsessed Angela Martin on The Office. Now this is making more sense.)

Cat on the dining table
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"From Chicken and Ramen with Tomato Honey Butter Sauce to Whitefish and Asparagus with Beurre Blanc, the cookbook features recipes that are elevated but easy enough to whip up on a weeknight," Hassner said in a statement. "Each dish was inspired by the small-plate restaurant trend. The recipes are for humans but were created in honor of the dishes you will be serving your cat."

Salmon and Zucchini with Honey Miso Dressing
Fancy Feast

Although Fancy Feast Petites are only available in three, formulas (Seared Salmon Entrée with Spinach in Gravy; Ocean Whitefish Entrée with Tomato in Gravy; and Grilled Chicken Entrée with Rice in Gravy) the humans get a few extra recipes to choose from—and none of them involve gravy.

"Mealtime is a bonding experience," the cookbook's introduction reads. "We sit at a dining table with our family, we gather with friends. Now Fancy Feast is asking you to extend the invitation to your cat to join you for mealtime as you cook meals inspired by their favorite dishes but made just for you."

Ancho Butternut Squash Chicken Street Tacos
Fancy Feast

The recipes all seem slightly more complicated than the peel-and-eat version that your cat will be having—Roasted Salmon with Spiced French Toast, Cardamom Carrots, and Maple Rosemary Sauce takes a bit of assembly—and perhaps the phrase "small-plate restaurant trend" is a polite way of saying "We know you're eating alone, but aren't going to judge." On the bright side, each recipe in the cookbook is color-coded so you know which Petites meal it's meant to accompany.

Honey Sriracha Grilled Chicken with Spicey Fried Rice
Fancy Feast

"Fancy Feast Petites was created by cat lovers for cat lovers," Lauren Pershing, Brand Manager at Fancy Feast, said. "We're so excited to offer this new single serve line—not only is it a more convenient option for cat owners, but it's also an elevated experience meant to please our cats' refined palates while getting them the nutrients they need."

Honestly, after learning that Fancy Feast has an in-house chef, we're half-tempted to take a spoonful for ourselves.

Check out the full digital cookbook here.

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