By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 31, 2016
Courtesy of BELON

Screw your poor, beer-swilling, football-loving American friends and their lame 50-cent wing night at the local drinking hole/fist fight emporium. Anyone who’s worth your time should be drinking only the finest imported French wines, watching whatever the classiest sport in all of Hong Kong is, and chowing down on chicken wings that are $38 apiece. FYI, I don’t think that price includes celery and blue cheese.

Belon, an neo-Parisian bistro from Australian chef James Henry, opened in Hong Kong earlier this year, but has garnered attention recently after the South China Morning Post decided to run their review of the restaurant last week with the headline: “Belon in SoHo – home of the HK$348 chicken wing.” That figure though, was apparently a little higher than the typical menu price of HK$298, which, at the current exchange rate comes out to around $38. According to Belon that's just because its menu prices can fluctuate a little based on available ingredients.

Fortunately though it comes with a high price tag it’s reportedly quite tasty. Reviewer Susan Jung writes that, even at the high price point, “Admittedly, it was delicious.” It was also stuffed with matsutake mushrooms (a special addition, as the restauarnt had just received a shipment), eel and cubes of foie gras, and a sauce so good Jung mopped up all of it with her bread.

It all sounds wonderful and a big step up from your local American dive bar fare, but I’m going to go out a limb and guess it doesn’t also come with the ability to play an entire Springsteen album for two bucks on the jukebox—so you, know, just something to take into account before throwing down your hard-earned money.