These edible works of art are all masterpieces.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 13, 2019
hot dog art in museum
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe and Getty Images

We've seen some pretty sophisticated food-ified recreations of famous artwork. Just a week ago, we featured an artist who created history's most iconic paintings in latte foam. There was that time that an artist used oats and cinnamon to re-draw the works of the great masters. There was also that time that art history got turned into cake. The hot dog creations of pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe, on the other hand, are something else entirely. Goofy, delightful, and totally the opposite of self-serious, these hot dog tributes to famous images will definitely put a smile on your face. Check them out at his Instagram account, @burpzine.

american gothic painting by grant wood
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe
salvidor dali the persistence of memory
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe

The Instagram bio says it pretty well: "It is what it is: Wieners with faces." The hot dogs have taken on some of the great paintings throughout history: Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring becomes Hot Dog with a pearl onion earring, Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus becomes The Birth of Wiener, and Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper gets reenacted with thirteen robed wiener dogs. Somehow, these iconic paintings have a different vibe when they're being portrayed with bug-eyed hot dogs.

girl with the pearl earring painting by vermeer
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe
the birth of venus painting by botticceli
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe

But just because these hot dogs like to recreate famous paintings sometimes, doesn't mean other forms of media are safe from being wiener-fied (or, occasionally, pickle-fied). Vernieuwe has taken on famous movie scenes, albums, beloved children's characters, and famous landmarks. Hell, these hot dogs have even been to the moon. For more, follow the account: Vernieuwe posts a new hot dog creation everyday. Most recently, he took on Thelma and Louise.

black and white Godzilla scene
Credit: Courtesy of Erik Vernieuwe

Burpzine is just the hot-dog-faced extension of BURP food photography, a collaboration between Vernieuwe and his husband, photographer Kris De Smedt. BURP's photos retain Burpzine's sense of whimsy, although they cover a bit of a broader range than just hot dogs with faces recreating other images. They've photographed everything from macarons with robots to impressively balanced food sculptures. You can check out their Instagram, @burpfoodphoto.