It marks Francis Ford Coppola’s company’s first vineyard outside California.

Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

Even most casual wine drinkers have come to understand that Oregon produces some world-class wines, but for those still in the dark, this latest news could be seen as the state stepping out onto the red carpet: The well-known winery from Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola has made its first foray north of the California border. The Family Coppola announced yesterday that it has acquired the Willamette Valley-based Vista Hills Vineyard.

“It was with great excitement that we were approached by The Family Coppola to acquire our picturesque vineyards in the Dundee Hills,” David McDaniel said according to Oregon Live. McDaniel owns the winery along with his wife Cristy and her parents, John and Nancy McClintock, who founded the business. “Although we love the Oregon wine industry, the opportunity to have this property grow to greater heights under the stewardship of such a well-respected company was difficult to pass up. We have no doubt that The Family Coppola will transition well into the region and build upon what we started 22 years ago.”

Vista Hills Vineyard contains about 40 acres of vines, producing Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay grapes. Current offerings on the Vista Hills website range from an $18 2017 Treehouse Pinot Gris to reserve wines like the $60 2016 Skyraider Pinot Noir. “These vineyards produce some of the finest fruit in Dundee Hills and make a perfect fit within our premium wine offerings,” explained Corey Beck, The Family Coppola’s chief executive officer and chief winemaker. “We’re proud of this opportunity to own prime real estate embedded in such a respected region, and we look forward to showing our commitment to the area and further getting to know the community.”

For the time being, The Family Coppola has reportedly decided to keep on the vineyard’s current staff and winemaker and continue production of the Vista Hills wines in Oregon. The sale also apparently includes the vineyard’s Treehouse tasting room which will ostensibly also continue to operate as it had before.

Francis Ford Coppola first entered the wine world in 1975 when he purchased part of the old Inglenook wine estate in Rutherford, California. His venture has since ballooned to America’s 15th largest wine company as of 2017, with the production of 1.7 million cases, according to the North Bay Business Journal.