Credit: Photo Composite: © Andrew Burton / PM Images / Getty Images

Many are calling a server from a Fresno Applebee's a hero this week after he returned $32,000 cash he found left in a booth at the restaurant earlier this week. It's a heartwarming tale of human kindness just in time for Christmas – but hold on a second here… Let's not bury the lead. How do you leave $32,000 cash in an Applebee's?!

"I think she took it out when she took out her wallet to pay and she didn't put it back in her bag," Erika Gonzalez told reporters, explaining how her mother Bertha left the savings from their family business at the casual dining chain.

Okay, sure, but why have so much cash to begin with? Apparently, they took the cash to a bank earlier, but it never left their possession. "We were going to deposit it to the safe box and they told us they didn't have any available," Erika said. Safe deposit box? If you don't trust our banking system enough to deposit your money, that's your prerogative, but you know one thing a bank will never do… leave your $32,000 at an Applebee's! (Although if you've been paying attention to the news since 2007 you know they might do some other things with it you wouldn't find ideal.)

Regardless, the Gonzalez family did get their money back. The server turned it in because he said he thought it was the right thing to do. "I don't know that he would accept it honestly," responded Applebee's area director Carrie Hellyer when asked if she thought the unnamed waiter would take a reward. "He's just not that guy. He made it very clear that he did it because it was the right thing to do, not that he wanted anything in return."

Anonymous server, whoever you are, if the Gonzalez's offer you a cash reward, seriously, take it. At the very least that money would be safer with you than wherever they might put it.