By Joey Skladany
Updated January 27, 2017
© Boston Globe / Getty Images

While the majority of Americans treat Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to binge eat and drink, a significant number of pizza noshers and beer guzzlers actually care about who wins.

If you consider yourself part of the latter and are notoriously superstitious, our friends at Grubhub have pooled together the foods that were most commonly ordered during games the Falcons and Patriots won. The results may surprise you.

Some highlights:

- Flu season must be hitting Atlanta strong. Chicken noodle soup orders experienced a 195 percent increase – more than any other food item – during winning game days. (No word on whether there was an increase of sodas on the side).

- Americans can't get enough sushi. Negi hamachi rolls (yellowtail) saw the fourth largest spike in game-winning foods for Atlanta and unagi rolls saw the fourth largest spike in game-winning foods for Boston.

- Saag paneer (spinach with Indian cheese) is the real NFL winner, cracking the top three list for both teams' respective cities. In fact, saag paneer topped the Patriots' list with a 169 percent increase in orders on winning game days.

Check out the graphic below for even more unexpected stats. Are you ready for some football? Or just to eat some lucky dishes?

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