The tech giant unveiled a number of commerce functions within the app.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
Facebook Copyright in China
Credit: © Sean Gallup / Getty Images

In its endless quest to be a one-stop shop for all things social, commercial, and more, Facebook announced this week it will be adding the ability to order food directly through restaurants' Pages.

The tech giant unveiled a number of commerce functions that will now be available within the app, including booking appointments through MyTime, getting quotes for professional services, buying concert and movie tickets from EventBrite and Ticketmaster and ordering food through and Slice. The company's push towards being a larger player in the e-commerce space will empower restaurants, businesses, movies, bands, and more, to make products available on-the-spot for visitors to their Facebook page.

According to Tech Crunch, in the past Facebook has released "Shop" and "Services" options for a number of companies through Shopify, but until now food hasn't been part of the economic equation. This week's announcement is Facebook's latest move to persuade businesses to use a Facebook Page as their online landing pad, rather than an individual website.

The move could also dramatically alter the way tickets are bought and sold, as 650 million people use Facebook's Events feature each month, but until now were unable to purchase tickets instantly.

While these features began rolling out this week for users in the United States, the company will extend these functions to other areas depending on their initial success. And while there's no knowing how many people will use Facebook exclusively for their purchasing needs, competitors like Google, Fandango, and Yelp are sure to see a dip in engagement as Facebook fans stay strapped to the site.