Their new "Watch Party" feature lets you watch clips with friends, and discuss them, in real time. 
Facebook food ordering service
Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images 

A new addition to Facebook called Watch Party lets groups come together to watch pre-recorded or live videos. The feature will be especially useful to people who want to start a cooking class, or already run a Facebook group dedicated to learning more about a certain type of cooking, from bread making to decorating cakes.

Here’s how Watch Party works: A host can curate a video playlist for the group—there’s no limit on the number of people or how long the 'party' lasts—to watch. As the videos are playing, the group can ask each other questions in real time (much like the comment function on Facebook Live).

If you’re part of (or want to start) a Facebook group that focuses on say, perfecting handmade pasta recipes, you can invite members of the group to join your watch party. Once everyone is ready, you can start your playlist—which can include anything from prerecorded clips of pasta-making techniques, to a live video of you trying out your own recipe. The group can weigh in with tips, chat about their own experiences, or pick your brain about your methods.

Better yet, your group can recruit an expert—like a more experienced chef—to lead a watch party, with his or her own video picks, while participating in an almost Reddit AMA-like experience in the comments section. The expert host could also hold a live Q & A for the group.

Watch Party also allows for co-hosts, meaning that other friends can be designated to pick videos to add to the playlist. They can also suggest videos to add to the playlist through the crowdsourcing function.

So whether you're trying to pick up a new skill in the kitchen or perfect your already impressive skills, Watch Party lets you gather your friends and start learning, together.