By Aly Walansky
Updated April 13, 2016
Credit: © CaiaImage/Getty Images

Facebook is looking to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. At this week’s annual developers conference, Facebook announced the creation of chat bots for companies to use in connection with their Facebook business pages.

“I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the keynote. “And no one wants to install an app for each business.”

Under the updated Facebook Messenger Platform, bots will be able to engage in an interactive and personalized way, all in one spot that you are already using. This can be used for subscriptions to news and traffic tailored to where you are, but also directions, and tracking receipts.

The bots are capable of engaging in an actual conversation, and that means it can be used for everything from ordering a meal to getting a ride to pick you up, to making hotel or flight reservations. Could your Facebook Messenger app do the job of your Uber, Seamless AND FreshDirect apps? It’s possible.

While the chatbots will be doing a lot of what your other apps are already doing, we like the idea of being able to do everything in one place.