The fruit in Cadbury's chocolate bars. I can't live without it.
China Chow, actress

An Italian feast from Rao's in Manhattan. It would probably be easier to get food to the island than it would be to get a table at the restaurant.
Marty Richards, Broadway producer

Here's my dream: I'm on an island with my husband and a few friends. A boat would come up with fresh fruits and vegetables. Then we'd catch fish and shellfish, build a fire on the beach and cook a communal meal.
Patricia Wells, French food expert

I would bring several cases of Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil. With salt from the sea, I cannot imagine anything I could consume on that island that would not improve with it.
Danny Meyer, New York City restaurateur

I could live on only love and fresh air on a desert island. But I would also enjoy Goan fish curry with rice.
Deepak Chopra, self-help guru

Supergreen Food. I mix the powder in a smoothie every morning. In one meal, you get all your vitamins and all your veggies.
Billy Zane, actor

I'd pick a magnum of Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame 1990. It's made from my two favorite grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Champagne is always better in a magnum. (If I had a companion, I'd have a double magnum.) La Grande Dame is one of the great wines of the world--served by itself or with lobster, my favorite seafood.
Helen Turley, winemaker

Cantaloupe soup would be perfect. And bowls--one should bring bowls.
Marina Rust, writer and socialite

I'd say that I'd be very lucky if I could find a banana tree.
Caroll Petrie, society grande dame

A bottle of Madeira. Preferably a Bual of great, though not extreme, age. You can drink it anytime. It lasts forever in an open bottle. The high acid refreshes you when it's hot; the high alcohol warms you when it's cold.
Jancis Robinson, British wine authority

I'd want a properly marbled wing rib of beef cooked on the bone, served with a good hot horseradish and roast parsnips and potatoes. I used to be a barrister, so I always thought this would be the thing I'd want to have if it were my last meal.
Clarissa Dickson Wright, co-host of TV's Two Fat Ladies

Russians have a saying, that you always have to bring water and a piece of bread, so that's what I would bring. Also, I just came back from Bali and tried the most magical fruit, a mangosteen. It has a beautiful taste and is the color of Bordeaux. So I would love to have a mangosteen.
Irina, model

Tuna fish--I could eat it every day. And anything else would be too extravagant.
Rosie Perez, actress

I'd say caviar and Champagne, because if I'm alone, they'd be comforting to have. It would have to be very good Champagne and very fresh caviar--which would mean, I suppose, that I'd need a refrigerator on my island.
Julia Child, living legend

Dulce de leche would keep me happy for years.
Brooke de Ocampo, socialite

I'd have to have a red and a white wine. What good is a red without a white to precede it? What good is a white without a red to follow it? It's the natural order of things. The white would be Raveneau Chablis, which always makes me smile, and for the red, I'd pick Domaine Tempier Bandol, a wine that never bores me.
Kermit Lynch, wine merchant

Mary Ann's coconut cream pie, of course! What else could there be? In fact, we lived on it! It was not known for its nutritional value, but it was the best. Of course, the ones we threw at each other on the show were made of shaving cream. A real pie is so heavy, it could break your neck.
Bob Denver, the original castaway on Gilligan's Island