A genetics expert claims that eating raw vegan food could be fatal in the long term. 

Gwyneth Paltrow's goop pop-up shop
Credit: Layne Murdoch Jr. / Stringer / Getty Images 

A raw vegan diet backed by self-proclaimed wellness experts like Gwyneth Paltrow is now coming under fire for possibly being dangerous, even deadly, in the long term.

Genetics expert Professor Steven Jones, of the University College London's Galton Laboratory, says that human bodies have evolved too far to still be able to process only raw food, according to a new report from the Independent.

While Professor Jones does concede that the diet will help you lose weight, he argues that that doesn’t mean the diet is necessarily healthy. He suggests that if a person were to only eat raw foods for six months, he or she would starve to death.

Professor Jones made the claims at the Hay Festival of Arts and Literature, where he spoke passionately about his belief that people should avoid raw vegan diets.

“We are the only animal who has ever lived that would starve to death if we ate raw food alone,”he said. “We've lost the enzymes and the absorption mechanism to digest raw food.”

Back in 2011, actress Megan Fox also argued against the raw-vegan diet, saying that she ditched her “strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables,” because she felt as though she had lost too much weight.

Seemingly not even Paltrow can eat all raw vegan all the time. While her website does include plenty of recipes for raw-vegan food, which she claims can “give your digestive system a break,” Goop also includes slow-cooker and crockpot recipes. As controversial as the goddess of everything uber-healthy and expensive can often be, even she doesn’t expect anyone to commitment to raw food alone to sustain themselves.

Perhaps Paltrow also understands that eating raw food exclusively isn’t necessarily healthy or satisfying. And if Professor Jones to be believed, she wouldn’t be wise to advocate eating that way either.