Be sure and check out Calder at Home (Stewart Tabori & Chang), a new book about the artist Alexander Calder, whose idiosyncratic work is on display at The National Gallery in Washington, D.C. The exhibit ends on July 12.


Food-related museums from Little Museums by Lynne Arany and Archie Hobson (Henry Holt):

  1. Culinary Archives and Museum, Providence, RI
  2. American Diner Museum, Providence, RI
  3. National Knife Museum, Chattanooga, TN
  4. Museum of Beverage Containers, Millersville, TN
  5. Trenton Teapot Museum, Trenton, TN
  6. World's Only Pecan Art Museum, Denton, TX
  7. The Orange Show, Houston, TX
  8. New England Maple Museum, Pittsford, VT
  9. Oyster Museum, Chincoteague, VA
  10. Cookie Jar Museum, Lemont, IL

South African Food Festival

Some of the world's finest chefs will converge on Cape Town from May 22 to May 31. They'll be joining forces for a culinary festival, with dinners and tastings at five of the city's best hotels. For info, call 888-45-AFRICA.

Breakfast on Your Back

You can carry the makings of most meals in a sturdy backpack cum picnic basket from Sur La Table. Plates, napkins, glasses and a tablecloth are part of the package ($110; 800-243-0852).


The people of Philadelphia have more than a few reasons to feel passionate about their city. Consider the current culinary scene: old favorites like Le Bec-Fin; hot spots like Beaujolais, Vega Grill and Fork; and such newcomers as Rouge 98 and Venus and the Cowboy.