Kitchen Magic
This Angolan chief's stool is one of many rarities in an exhibition that opens at the Museum for African Art, in New York City, and tours the country. The objects, including many pieces of cookware, are united by one theme--ritual power (212-966-1313).

Burma Rave
The Road to Mandalay cruises up the Irrawaddy in Myanmar (née Burma), a new route plied by Orient-Express Trains & Cruises. Exotic markets, ancient farms and phantasmagorical temples are among the sights to be seen, and there's haute cuisine on the ship (800-524-2420).

Life of Bryant
Manhattan's new Bryant Park Hotel is a techno-savvy minimalist's dream--and a food lover's one, too. Rick Laakkonen, poached from Brooklyn's River Cafe, will be cooking in its ILO restaurant (212-642-2200).

Zen of the Palate, a food-focused nine-day tour of Japan offered by Immersia, debuts this month.You'll whiz from predawn fish-market visits to lessons in Japanese cuisine from expert Elizabeth Andoh to demos on how to make soba ($7,995; 800-207-5454).

By Kate Sekules