Credit: © Tamara Lelli

Pierogies, those little Polish dumplings stuffed with cheese or meat, are a particular favorite in Pittsburgh, where they’re thought of as the ultimate comfort food.

But a crazy Steel City establishment, The Yard, didn’t think they were quite comforting enough and has stacked pierogies straight into a grilled cheese sandwich. The Pierogies N’ At—named in Pittsburgh vernacular—is a veritable carb-on-carb gut bomb, not only encasing dumplings in bread, but adding sausage and more to the pile. It recalls the double-carb action of Pittsburgh’s most famous sandwich, the Primanti Bros. french fry–stuffed monsters—but even cheesier, if probably calorically comparable.

What it is:

The bread: Thick-cut Texas toast, made by a local bakery, contributes to this thing’s towering height.

The filling: Pierogies, joined by their classic accompaniment, kielbasa, along with sauerkraut and sautéed onions. It’s all piled up inside what’s really a grilled cheese, with cheddar and Gouda.

Where to get it:

Pittsburgh gastropub The Yard. The creator of this wacky beast specializes in grilled cheese, although none are quite as ambitious as Pierogies N’ At. All we have to say is: Yinz better be hungry for this one.