Credit: © Dog Haus

Turducken is a terrifying Thanksgiving beast. Just thinking about the Frankenstein-esque mechanics of creating a chicken in a duck in a turkey gives us pause. But the trio of meats is so appealing. How do we deal with this holiday quandary? Luckily the West Coast chain Dog Haus has it handled in one sausage. Their Plymouth Rockworst has all the flavors of a Turducken with none of the cooking or stuffing issues of a bird-in-bird situation.

What it is:

The Bread: A soft, sweet, toasted KingsHawaiian roll, it brings to mind the perfect Thanksgiving dinner roll.

The Filling: The sausage is stuffed with smoked turkey and duck alongside fresh sage, thyme, whiskey-soaked cranberries and yams.

The Condiments: No mustard or relish on this sausage. It’s topped with holiday-appropriate sweet potato tots, cranberry mostarda and sage-sausage gravy.

The Plymouth Rockworst is available until the end of November at Southern California Dog Haus locations in Pasadena, Alhambra, West Covina and Canoga Park.