The two met up at local mainstay Liverpool House for wine, steak and oysters.

When former President Barack Obama visits Montreal, it means one thing: dinner with his main man, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While Obama’s primary reason for visiting Quebec's largest city was to address a crowd of thousands at the Montreal Board of Trade, we all know it was really just an excuse for him to hang with the world’s most photogenic prime minister. However, where do two popular current and former heads of state dine when they get together to catch up? At one of Montreal’s most popular and least fussy restaurants, of course.

Located in the St. Henri neighborhood of Montreal, Liverpool House is owned and operated by Fred Morin and David McMillan, the minds behind fellow Montreal restaurants Vin Papillon and the legendary Joe Beef. While Morin was not on hand at the dinner, for which the rest of the restaurant was completely closed off, McMillan made sure to document the moment with the two world leaders.

Each of Morin and McMillan’s restaurants have followed in Joe Beef’s footsteps by developing reputations for hosting long nights of decadent eating and indulgent drinking, including Liverpool House. The restaurant has been chronicled as the "Claire Underwood to Joe Beef’s Frank" and Liverpool House promotional materials even describe it as having “Seaside cottage charm and a bustling oyster counter. Sexy Old World wines and crazy fresh market food. A great club house feel. Perfect for gin-tonic fueled evenings with relatives, friends, lovers.”

Obviously, there is no better establishment for these world-renown bros to enjoy a meal together. While crowds formed outside to get a look at Obama and Trudeau, the two enjoyed their meal in relative peace. The real question though, what did they eat? According to a local Montreal news station, the two dined on a “a 100 percent Quebecois feast, including rib steak, lobster spaghetti, Kamouraska halibut with morels, oysters, crab and asparagus.”

Of course, Obama is known for having one of the best palates the White House has ever seen. During his time as president, he and the first lady made a habit of eating at respected restaurants regularly. While Obama might no longer be serving as commander-in-chief, it’s good to see that he’s still making an impact with America’s neighbors, all while enjoying a delicious meal in the process.