That Controversial Everything Bagel Ice Cream Is Making a Comeback

Jeni's will be selling the sweet and savory flavor in shops and to order online.

Jeni's Everything Bagel ice cream
Photo: Courtesy of Jeni's

Gone are the days where putting three flavors in one carton can be considered ice cream innovation. Even themed or celebrity flavors are feeling a bit old hat. (No offense, Dolly Parton!) Nowadays, the headline grabbers are risky, challenging flavors that sound like potential experiments gone wrong — things like Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream, caramelized turkey and cranberry sauce ice cream, or Taylor ham ice cream.

Ohio-based creamery Jeni's Splendid has proven they're willing to take these kinds of risks, including last year when the brand produced an Everything Bagel ice cream. Of course, these kinds of flavor gambles offer a risk-reward. You make too much of an actual failed experiment and you're melting unbought pints out back. But if you stumble on the next chocolate chip cookie dough, suddenly you have to keep up with demand.

Whether Everything Bagel will reach the pantheon of, say, cookies and cream is yet to be seen, but it was certainly popular enough to warrant a long-anticipated re-release. Jeni's says that when they launched the "savory, garlicky, buttery ice cream" with a sweetened cream cheese base back in January 2021, it "sold out in record time, leaving thousands of people waiting for its return." Everything Bagel has even become the company's most searched-for flavor.

And so, over a year after its initial launch, Everything Bagel ice cream has an official return date: March 21.

To keep the buzz going, Jeni's will once again only be releasing a limited batch while supplies last, so the brand is encouraging interested customers to head over to to sign up for notifications on how to land a pint. And yes, Jeni's Splendid ships nationwide.

While you're there, you can scroll through dozens of tweets and TikTok videos of people's reaction to the odd flavor, both good and bad — or sometimes just confused. "Why does eating dehydrated onions and garlic with ice cream work?????" one tweet wonders. To be honest, never have five question marks left me wanting to eat an ice cream so much.

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