By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 14, 2014

As we saw when Seattle’s first legal marijuana dispensary sold out of product in three days, pot pretty much sells itself. But a Canadian pot seed merchant thinks it could use a little promotion: Crop King Seeds has released what it is calling “the world’s first marijuana commercial” to push its wares on the public and to “promote a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco.”

Of course, we in the states have already seen a medical marijuana commercial featuring a drug dealer who is trying to sell you sushi. But this new ad may well be the first to directly promote pot’s primary feature (hint: It’s not relief from that sciatica you suddenly developed the day you got your prescription). The commercial also features a wizard mascot with seemingly unlimited access to pot seeds, which might just be the creepiest branding since the Burger King started appearing in people’s beds.

The ad hasn’t yet aired on television and if it does, Crop King will certainly have to remove a bit of swearing that happens halfway through, but we don’t think it’s a joke. To make it, the seed seller partnered with Red Castle Films, producer of work for the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Mental Health Association and Rogers Communications (Canada’s biggest wireless provider).

We might not want that wizard anywhere near us, but maybe he can help out the poor shop in Seattle with nothing left to sell.