In case you want to get your caffeine fix like a famous person. 


Jerry Seinfeld is up to his old ways: Showing off his knowledge of rare, old, expensive, oddly-shaped cars, and taking his famous friends out to eat. On the new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which premieres today on Netflix, Seinfeld goes out on the town with comedy superstars like Kate McKinnon and Dave Chappelle, buys a carpet for John Mulaney’s wife, dispenses marital advice to Ellen DeGeneres, and of course drinks coffee. A lot of it. Doesn’t all that coffee affect him? “Of course it does!” he screeches at Ellen. Maybe you love coffee just as much as Jerry—or just need a new place to debate the merits of work, love, and baseball with friends—so we put together of a list of every restaurant, diner, and cafe Jerry and company visit on the new season the show. You could retrace his steps, or, better yet—grab your keys, prepare your funniest impression, and give your best friend a call. The waitress just put on a fresh pot.

Episode 1, Zach Galifianakis

Royal Donuts (6501 S Sepulveda Blvd) and Dinah’s Family Restaurant (6521 S Sepulveda Blvd), Los Angeles

Jerry and Zach gush over the “honestly great" donuts at Royal and later, Zach tricks Jerry into filming an episode of his cult favorite talk show Between Two Ferns.

Episode 2, Tracy Morgan

Kings Grocery Store (650 Valley Rd) and Raymond’s Restaurant (28 Church St), Montclair, NJ

Tracy takes Jerry to go grocery shopping for hot dogs and Jerry explains why he could never work at UPS.

Episode 3, Neal Brennan

The Good Stuff (1286 The Strand), Hermosa Beach, CA

Jerry gives stand up comedian Neal Brennan an in-depth explanation of why he respects the societal structure of bees. In return, Neal explains why he doesn’t like Seinfeld.

Episode 4, Kate McKinnon

Via Quadronno (25 E 73rd St,) New York City

Kate’s reveals her favorite thing about dogs: The way they look at you when they poop. Plus, she recalls a time when she cut her own hair and only wore a pair of SpongeBob SquarePants pajama bottoms.

Episode 5, John Mulaney

Capizzi (547 9th Ave) New York City

John and Jerry shop for carpets, then over lunch, Jerry goes on an impassioned rant against television executives.

Episode 6, Jerry Lewis

The Omelet House (2160 West Charleston Boulevard A) Las Vegas NV

Jerry sits down with comedy legend Jerry Lewis in his office, where he reveals that he wrote many of his scripts on yellow notepads. At breakfast, Lewis orders “very, very, very stiff” bacon.

Episode 7, Hasan Minhaj

Hastings Center Restaurant (540 Warburton Ave), Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

Hasan and Jerry figure out why baseball players and comedians are exactly the same. Hasan’s wife is pregnant, so the pair also bond over fatherhood.

Episode 8, Ellen DeGeneres

Tre Lune (1151 Coast Village Rd,) and San Ysidro Pharmacy, Montecito, CA

Here’s something Ellen and Jerry have in common: They both love firemen. Plus, Ellen explains why she might soon own a lot more horses.

Episode 9, Dave Chappelle

The Diner (2453 18th St NW), Washington D.C.

Dave decides that everyone from Paris looks like they’re “from the future.” Later, Jerry tells a story about racing go-karts with Paul Newman.

Episode 10, Dana Carvey

The Beverly Hills Hotel (9641 Sunset Blvd,), Beverly Hill, CA

Dana does a spot on impression of Jimmy Stewart—as a waiter. Things take a turn for the emotional when the pair reminisce over when they feel “most loved in the world.” For Dana, it’s when his children call him “dad.”

Episode 11, Brian Regan

Espresso Profeta (1129 Glendon Ave), Los Angeles, CA

Jerry delves into why he loves coffee. Then, the pair list items made especially for left-handed people. Plus, Jerry remembers one of the most important moments of his career: When Tom Hanks parodied his stand-up comedy on SNL.

Episode 12, Alec Baldwin

Madman Espresso (54 University Pl), New York City and Massapequa Diner (4420 Sunrise Hwy), Massapequa, NY

We finally get the answer to this burning question: What is Jerry’s ideal body temperature? Over lunch, the two disagree about how much luck is involved in finding success in show business.