*Based on how enjoyable the meal Seinfeld shares with his guest looks. 
comedians in cars getting coffee on netflix
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee is self-explanatory, but in case you need a refresher: Jerry Seinfeld borrows a super fancy or rare car, picks up a celebrity, usually a comic, and the pair go out to eat. They argue, tell jokes, discuss the mechanics and intricacies of comedy, Seinfeld asks probing questions about marriage and parenthood, and usually, someone eats a pastry. The show’s entire run is now streaming on Netflix, and given its comedy pedigree, it does not disappoint in the laugh department. If you want to take a culinary tour of New York and California (where the majority of episodes take place) you might be interested in checking it out. Here’s our ranking of every episode of the show, based on how tasty the meal looks.

58. Michael Richards (The Malibu Kitchen, Malibu)

In this relatively serious episode, Richards reflects on the controversy that led him to give up stand-up comedy. On the bright side, Yelp reviewers agree that the turkey sandwiches at the Malibu Kitchen are a must try.

57. Louis C.K. (Louis C.K.’s boat)

The embattled comedian makes Seinfeld a cup of coffee from a machine that looks like an off-brand Keurig, but at least they’re on a boat.

56. Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings (Arts Delicatessen, Studio City)

Ballinger, in character as Miranda Sings, won’t order, though she says she’s hungry. She does do a spot on impression of Seinfeld eating a pickle, though.

55. Robert Klein (Landmark Diner, Ossining, NY)

This must be Klein’s local favorite, because he comments that he’ll never be let back in if they don’t film there. Jury’s out if the coffee is any good though—they stop at Starbucks before eating lunch.

54. Will Ferrell (Med Café, Marina Del Rey, CA)

This spot, which offered personal French presses, is now closed. On the bright side, this episode does feature Ferrell’s impression of a cat.

53. Seth Meyers (Roebling Tea Room, Brooklyn, NY)

This pleasant, quiet looking tearoom looked like a low-key spot to grab a midday drink—but it’s closed now. Bonus: Meyers tells Seinfeld a story in which he lied to Martha Stewart about purchasing his greyhound at a fancy dog breeder.

52. Jim Carrey (Killer Café, Marina Del Rey)

Hard to say how much the pair enjoyed the coffee here. Carrey takes his own sweetener with him everywhere so the most we know is it was too bitter for his taste. It does offer a view of the harbor, though.

51. Cedric the Entertainer (The Butcher’s Daughter, New York City)

This is one of the city’s trendiest vegetarian restaurant’s at the moment. Cedric the Entertainer walks in in his bathrobe (don’t worry, he’s fully clothed underneath).

50. Margaret Cho (Highland Café, Los Angeles)

After lunch, Cho buys Seinfeld a Korean snack Yaksik at an unidentified grocery store, which she describes as a Twinkie made with rice.

49. Garry Shandling (Du-par’s, Studio City)

At Du-par’s, which has been around since 1938, the old friends dig into their meal with a level of vigor one might not expect at a diner chain.

48. Jon Stewart (Tick Tock Diner, Clifton, NJ)

The best coffee in this episode actually comes from the machine in Stewart’s office, which makes him what looks to be an iced latte, the first thing he drinks in the morning when he gets into work.

47. Louis Black (Junior’s, Brooklyn, NY)

The montage of Black’s gross eating habits aside (he can’t seem to keep the eggs in his mouth), this Brooklyn diner is known for its cheesecake.

46. Ali Wentworth (Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, Bedminster, NJ)

Wentworth takes Seinfeld to eat at a private golf club, where they have lunch at dining table set with fresh flowers. Then they drive around in a golf cart.

45. Chris Rock (Allendale Eats!, Allendale, NY)

This family owned business claims that eating there is like having lunch at “our kitchen table,” which makes sense because Seinfeld comments that chicken salad, Rock’s choice of meal, “is the most embarrassing meal you can eat on camera.” Maybe Rock just thought he was at home.

44. Amy Schumer (Short Stop Diner, Bronx, NY)

This Bronx staple closed after 30 years in the neighborhood. A person claiming to be Seinfeld left a Yelp review of the diner, which I highly recommend you read.

43. Bill Burr (Novel Café, Santa Monica)

Seinfeld claims his eggs weren’t cooked properly, but this could just have been a fluke in the service that day. According to Yelp, the staff is friendly, the pizza is great, and it’s never too busy that you can’t get a table on short notice.

42. Howard Stern (Bel Aire Diner, Astoria, Queens)

Seinfeld insists that the controversial radio host order a brownie, but Stern settles on “a cup of hot water”. Later, when Stern tries to get his lunch companion to reveal which comics he doesn’t like, Seinfeld brushes off the comment, insisting that “Comedy is more personal than food.” The brownies are probably delicious at this diner, but I guess we’ll never know.

41. Stephen Colbert (Bluestone Coffee Co. Montclair, NJ)

The menu at this diner is packed with a multitude of omelet and egg breakfast options, if that’s your style. Colbert does a truly impressive impression of a man smoking a pipe using a spoon, by the way.

40. Bill Maher (Brite Spot, Echo Park)

This diner’s slogan is “keep smiling,” which gives off a friendly vibe, but when the waiter tries to shake Seinfeld’s hand he delivers a lecture on proper hygiene to the young man.

39. Brian Regan (Rae’s Restaurant, Santa Monica)

The two stand up comics sling some of their best material back and forth over cups of this diner classic: almost-too-hot-to-drink black coffee.

38. Kristen Wiig (House of Pies, Los Angeles)

I would be hard pressed to find a restaurant with a more appealing name than House of Pies, but neither Wiig nor Seinfeld even eat pie. A travesty!

37. Alec Baldwin (Fairway Market Café, New York City)

Baldwin tries to order his sandwich on rye bread, but the waitress informs him there is no rye bread. He settles for seven grain.

36. Colin Quinn & Mario Joyner (Fort Defiance Café, Brooklyn, NY)

Quinn is from Brooklyn so he’s appropriately grumpy about the fact that this café offers no soda (one appears on the table anyway). When Joyner joins the group, they explain to Seinfeld why it was such a tragedy that Waffle House banned smoking.

35. Ricky Gervais (City Island Diner, City Island, NY)

Seinfeld orders two egg whites, and two eggs with the yolk. The pair debate whether this constitutes two eggs, or four eggs. It’s four. Either way, their food looks like a perfectly serviceable diner breakfast.

34. Kevin Hart (212 Pier, Santa Monica)

While discussing comedy, the pair down tall iced coffee after tall iced coffee.

33. Gad Elmaleh (French Roast, New York City)

Seinfeld takes this French comedian to one of the most reliable restaurant’s in the city, and another personal favorite of mine. As a bonus, they eat baguettes in the car.

32. J.B. Smoove (10 Speed Coffee, Calabasas, CA)

This café, where the two comedians break down why straws are useless, features what seems to be a farm with cows and horses in the back yard.

31. Sarah Jessica Parker (Colony Diner, East Meadow, NY)

Parker orders a “patty melt on rye bread,” and Seinfeld teases her for her pronunciation of 'bread'. She eats voraciously though which makes me think the sandwich was worth getting teased over.

30. John Oliver (Allswell, Brooklyn, NY)

Though the hush that descends on this restaurant when the pair walks in disturbs both of them, the bowl of tomato soup Seinfeld eats looks like just the trick to warm yourself during this particularly biting winter.

29. Don Rickles (Factor’s Famous Deli, Los Angeles)

Rickles appears to be a regular at this diner, which has been at same location since 1948, so if it’s good enough for this comedy legend and friend of Frank Sinatra, its good enough for me.

28. Norm Macdonald (Jackson Hole Diner, East Elmhurst, New York)

During lunch, Seinfeld regrets trying the hot sauce. In solidarity, Macdonald pours the hot sauce all over his truly gargantuan looking omelet, but confesses he hates hot sauce. This is probably the diner for you if you like big portions and spicy food.

27. Aziz Ansari (Brody's Diner, Shrewsbury, MA)

Once again, someone claiming to be Seinfeld left a review on Yelp of Brody’s that praises the establishment for its rye toast which has “just the right amount of seeds” and “coffee cups big enough to wash your feet in.”

26. Joel Hodgson (Skylark Diner, Edison, NJ)

The creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 joins Seinfeld at this garishly decorated diner, which prompts the comedians to wonder why everyone is always looking back at the past. Later, they create an elaborate gag about how ketchup companies try to sell the farting noises the bottles make when squeezed to top executives.

25. David Letterman (Green Granary, New Milford, CT)

Seinfeld brings his old friend David Letterman a bag of caramel corn. They eat at the small town’s organic, farm-to-table restaurant, which honestly looks delightful.

24. Lorne Michaels (The Monkey Bar, New York City)

Michaels opts to eat at a restaurant that seems as though it has been emptied out so the pair can eat in peace. They order salads—nothing too fancy—but the mahogany interiors and dark brown leather, paired with the low lighting makes this place look like somewhere I’d try to sneak into.

23. Bob Einstein I (Jerry’s Deli, Studio City; Nate’n Al’s, Beverly Hills)

First, Einstein says he hates his eggs, then he tells the waiter they were so good he wants to take them home. After breakfast, the pair head straight to lunch at this deli that we already know is a favorite of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

22. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Caffé Luxxe, Santa Monica)

Though they end up asking the baristas at this café to remake their cappuccinos because they aren’t hot enough, Caffé Luxxe boasts artisan small batch coffee, and it’s website states that the owners stand in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement.

21. Trevor Noah (One Girl Cookies, Brooklyn, NY)

This DUMBO coffee shop is one of my personal favorites. It’s near the water, offering a splendid view of the city, and offers a robust selection of sweets from whoopie pies to cupcakes.

20. Kathleen Madigan (Alfred’s Coffee, Los Angeles)

Madigan makes an absolute mess of her croissant, but Alfred Coffee has got to be one of the most stylish, Instagram-worthy coffee shops in the city. It’s pure eye candy.

19. Jay Leno (Jones Coffee, Pasadena)

Leno tries his first cup of coffee ever (he claims) at this coffee shop, after getting a lesson on how coffee is roasted from the owner. Leno may have hated the coffee, but a family that owns their plantation in Guatemala runs Jones Coffee.

18. Bob Einstein II (Urth Caffe, Los Angeles)

They’re shocked by the size of coffee cups which are so huge, Seinfeld jokes that he could wash Einstein’s hair in one of them. A big coffee cup seems like a positive though. Eventually, they pick up deli sandwiches and eat on a park bench. Einstein calls it the “best sandwich I’ve ever had.”

17. Ted L. Nancy (Bendix Diner, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)

The comedian known for writing the popular Letters from a Nut series, better known as Barry Marder, joins Seinfeld at a diner, where the pie looks so good that he calls to the waitress from their table demanding a slice, leading to a lecture on restaurant etiquette from his companion. Bendix Diner is actually an iconic New Jersey establishment.

16. George Wallace (The Peppermill, Las Vegas)

Wallace takes Seinfeld to this infamous Vegas eatery, which has appeared in movies like Showgirls and Casino.

15. Tina Fey (Dominique Ansel Bakery)

Fey tries her very first cronut, which prompts a solitary, but clearly impressed, “Jesus,” from the actress. Yeah, there’s a reason these things are so popular.

14. Steve Harvey (Manny's Cafeteria, Chicago, IL)

The pair order huge sandwiches stuffed with what looks like pastrami, but they don’t touch them, which boggles the mind given how appetizing these almost-too-big-to-hold creations look.

13. Christoph Waltz (IHOP, Torrance, California)

Seinfeld takes the refined, dapper Austrian actor to IHOP, where he insists that Waltz try pancakes and a Belgian waffle. Waltz is not impressed, but all is redeemed when they share a bottle of champagne on a paddleboat.

12. Sebastian Maniscalco (Intelligentsia Coffee & The Tasting Kitchen, Venice, CA)

This coffee shop is so hip and populated by young working people that Maniscalco quips that they may need a laptop to get in.

11. Patton Oswalt (Handsome Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles)

Oswalt says that this hip Downtown L.A. roastery has the “perfect coffee” (it’s now owned by Blue Bottle).

10. Todd Barry (Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Coney Island)

The pair wander amicably around Coney Island, eating hot dogs from Nathan’s and peanuts from a paper bags, at one point even discussing the career of competitive eater Joey Chestnut.

9. Jimmy Fallon (John’s Pancake House, Montauk, NY)

Speaking of pancakes, Seinfeld informs the late night talk show host that this signature breakfast dish is best when it’s “the consistency of young human flesh.” Fallon tells the waitress the pancakes are so good they should be famous, which is enough to recommend the diner as a must-try breakfast spot.

8. Fred Armisen (Coava Coffee Roasters, Portland, Oregon)

Though this episode features his “Hipster service” clock, which counts the minutes it takes to receive their order, even Seinfeld has to admit this is some of the best coffee he’s ever tried: “This is so good. Wow. This is a reason to live here,” he says.

7. Sarah Silverman (Millie’s, Silver Lake Los Angeles)

When the waitress arrives to take Silverman’s order, she exclaims, “A fucking biscuit! I love a biscuit.” After breakfast, the pair walk across the street to an unnamed doughnut shop containing glass cases full of every flavor and frosting imaginable. I almost booked a flight to Los Angeles just to get my hands on one of those perfect looking pastries.

6. Steve Martin (Pleasantville Diner, Pleasantville, NY)

Seinfeld has this to say of Martin’s lunch order: “That would really excite me, to see you handle an egg salad sandwich.” The sandwich arrives on the table with two heaping scoops of egg salad topped with a chunk of iceberg lettuce between two slivers of whole wheat toast. It was the platonic ideal of the diner sandwich, and Martin ate it with grace.

5. Judd Apatow (101 Coffee Shop, Los Angeles)

At the diner where Apatow and Seinfeld share lunch, the latter remarks, “Have you ever seen a table that wants hamburgers and chocolate shakes on it more?”

4. Larry David (John O'Groats, Los Angeles)

Seinfeld forces one his oldest friends, and Seinfeld collaborator, to try a pancake hot off the griddle drenched in syrup. They agree that pancakes are only worth eating when they’re warm.

3. Barack Obama (The White House, Washington D.C.)

The pair share a cup of a black coffee from a machine in a tiny basement cafeteria frequented by White House staff, but I’m betting it was one of the best coffees Seinfeld has ever had.

2. Jim Gaffigan (Second Avenue Deli, New York City)

Both men order pastrami sandwiches, and a long montage of their pure delight at the meal ensues. “Oh my god, Jim, this is going to be the greatest meal of our lives,” Seinfeld gushes.

1. Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (Nate’n Al’s, Beverly Hills)

Seinfeld joins the two comedy legends for TV dinners from a delicatessen that has been around since 1945 in Reiner’s living room, while Brooks recalls his days as a groundbreaking filmmaker. The trio pass Styrofoam containers of potato salad, turkey and roast beef sandwiches, and soup back and forth while telling jokes and discussing their influence.