The actress worked at the fast food restaurant for six years as a teenager. 
Eva Longoria Wendy's
Credit: Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Long before she became a famous actress, Eva Longoria worked a day job like a regular person. Upon finding out that she would have to pay for her own quinceañera, Longoria took matters into her own hands and took a job at Wendy’s. She ended up staying for six years, earning money for herself and her family. She even became a manager by the time she turned 18. Yesterday morning, Longoria revisited her storied past as a “burger flipper,” as she calls the job, on a segment for the Rachel Ray Show in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, and while she was there, she revealed that her time at the fast food chain taught her how to perfectly stack a burger.

But before we get to Longoria’s advice on how to assemble the ideal cheeseburger, it should be noted that the actress doesn’t have any bad feelings about being a fast food worker.

“I loved working there,” she tells Ray, and the pair agrees that everyone should have to, at some point, work at a restaurant.

After that discussion, the pair gets into how to make the burger. Here’s what Longoria suggests you do: First, put the first patty (covered in slabs of melted yellow American and cheddar cheese) onto the bottom bun.

“What we learned at Wendy’s is that mayonnaise goes on the [top] bun first, to seal the bun,” she explains, as she begins spreading condiments on the bun. “Then you put ketchup on top of that, and mustard goes on the meat because it brings out the flavor of the meat.”

Longoria then explains the type of cheese she prefers on her burgers.

“I like yellow cheese. I don’t know if it’s cheddar. I don’t know what it is. I know it’s yellow,” she says.

That’s not the only condiment she likes: Longoria and Ray both add jalapenos to their burgers, and the actress admits that she has one slightly odd snacking habit: She pours the juice from the jar of jalapenos all over her popcorn.

Once Ray and Longoria finished putting together their burgers, you have to give the Wendy's technique some credit: The final product looks delicious.