The chef is pitting his palate against sommelier Aldo Sohm.
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

There's no doubt Eric Ripert knows French cuisine—the Michelin-starred chef is the co-owner and head chef at Le Bernardin, after all. But while his flagship New York eatery has a professional wine expert weighing in on which bottles to serve, it seems Ripert has an equally-impressive handle on wine, much to the chagrin of Aldo Sohm. Sohm is the sommelier behind Aldo Sohm Wine Bar next door to Le Bernardin, as well as the curator of Ripert's restaurant's wine list. However, the pair's latest collaboration takes on the form of a wine-tasting game show.

Titled "Beat the Ripper," after Ripert's nickname, Sohm has challenged the chef to two blind taste tests (so far). Ripert posted the first installment of "Beat the Ripper" to Twitter last week. In round one, Sohm challenges Ripert to guess the difference between red, white, and rosé wines.

This it's easy? Think again. Without color to guide you, picking out your reds from your roses proves a bit more difficult than you might imagine. "People always think there's a major difference, but there's not—especially adjusted on the same temperature," Sohm explains. Check out how Ripert does below:

Round two, posted just yesterday, is all about rosé. Sohm sets three glasses of rosé wine out in front of a yet-again-blindfolded Ripert who is tasked with guessing his favorite pink wine, Domaines Ott, from the bunch.

Of course, if you're looking for suspense, look elsewhere as Ripert's tweets give away the fact that he's got a good streak going (#spoileralert).

Thirsty for more? To continue following the competition, you'll have to keep tabs on Eric Ripert's Twitter feed to see when the next round is posted. In the meantime, get your own rosé tasting fix by trying all (we dare you!) 30 of our rosé picks for this summer and read about the 40 bottles (including Domaines Ott) that changed the way we drink and think about wine.