Disney World unveiled the plans at the D23 Expo.
epcot new space restaurant in walt disney world
Credit: Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Over the weekend, Disney World unveiled plans to open a restaurant inside the Epcot theme park in Florida that will not just be space-themed, but actually "in" space.

The announcement about the restaurant was made at the D23 Expo, a weekend long event where Disney fans gathered to witness the newest projects the company plans to release in the coming years, including a model of what will be the park’s Star Wars Land.

The restaurant, which will be located near the park’s Mission: SPACE attraction, where visitors can experience what it’s like to train to be a NASA astronaut, is a celebration of outer space and will offer diners a simulation of what outer space looks like from Earth. Disney engineer Tom Fitzgerald revealed that the restaurant will apparently invite “guests to travel into space for amazing dining experiences in the stars.”

At this point, that’s about all we know about the restaurant. What the menu looks like, when it will open or even what precisely dining “in the stars,” will look like, we don’t yet know. The only hint we have is that you’ll be able to eat while enjoying “spectacular views high above Earth.” Will you need to ride an extremely tall escalator to get there, or will Disney develop their very own restaurant shuttle? One thing we can say for certain: When Disney does anything, it’s typically bigger, grander, more colorful, more futuristic, and more technologically advanced than any other theme park in the world.

The entertainment company has been making a splash with its food offerings of late. José Andrés recently opened a restaurant there, for one thing, and the brand also brought us both the Dragon Frappuccino and the Pink Pegasus Frappuccino. Back in March, one of Disney's restaurants in Pandora, World of Avatar, introduced a mobile ordering app that would let visitors pre-order their food, and notify that the restaurant when they would be arriving to eat. Speaking of Pandora, the new park, filled with collassal glowing purple and green trees, features some the park’s most-talked about food yet: neon pink boozy boba drinks, green beer, and Asian-inspired dishes like a cheeseburger bao.

If these ambitious projects are any indication, Disney World’s space restaurant will likely wow diners with the wonders of space travel when it finally opens.