If you like your food to have more fun in a restaurant than you do, a “rollercoaster restaurant” coming to England may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Appropriately named the Rollercoaster Restaurant, the forthcoming addition to Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire doesn’t require patrons to cling to hamburgers while they’re sent flying through a corkscrew. Instead, diners stay firmly seated at their tables and watch as their meal traverses “a vast rollercoaster track” and “tackles two gravity defying loop-the-loops before dropping 8 metres down the tornado spiral,” according to the resort’s website.

The menu of the restaurant, which opens this coming May, plans to include a wide array of foods—burgers and steaks, even chicken curry and risotto, and appetizers like nachos, calamari and ribs. Each plate arrives firmly covered, preventing patrons’ food from meeting the unfortunate fate of flying off the tracks. And according to the Birmingham Mail, all the dishes are tested to assure they can withstand speeds “faster than Mo Farah when he ran the 10,000m at the London 2012 Olympics”—which, actually, doesn’t sound that fast. Who is Mo Farah? What place did he finish in?

Regardless, one thing’s for sure: The Rollercoaster Restaurant will deliver all the excitement of waiting in line and watching someone else ride a rollercoaster without ever getting your turn on the rollercoaster!