Wendy's Logo Gets an 'Emo' Makeover at a London Location

Wendy has given up her pigtails for face-covering bangs at the burger chain's new Camden restaurant.

Emo Wendy's
Photo: Wendy’s UK

Fast food chains often operate differently in different countries: different menu items to fit local tastes, different names to fit local dialects, different promotions to appeal to a different audience. Last year, Wendy's returned to the United Kingdom for the first time in over 20 years, and by last month, the burger chain opened their eighth British location in the hip London neighborhood of Camden. This time, however, Wendy wanted to make a lasting impression in an area known for music and fashion — and the resulting Emo Wendy has certainly captured the internet's attention.

Emo Wendy's
Wendy’s UK

Originally part of a Camden street art mural — and now adorning the outside of the new Wendy's — is a depiction of the chain's iconic redhead but with what the brand calls a "flowing emo fringe" instead of her usual pigtails. The actual restaurant opened back on June 28, but photos of Emo Wendy have emerged as a social media meme in the last few days as more people have gotten a chance to snap pics of the restaurant's exterior.

"What if we…. kissed outside the emo wendys?" the magazine AltPress tweeted on Sunday in a post that has been retweeted over 10,000 times helping send Emo Wendy to her current level of digital fame.

So what happened in Wendy's life that made her switch her style? The whole thing is actually an advertising campaign. Back in June, Wendy's teamed up with the ad agency VMLY&R and the artist platform Camden Open Air Gallery to design three new mascots that fit the Camden vibe. Three different looks were designed in total — punk, bouffant quiff, and emo — and Twitter followers were then asked to vote on which Wendy should be the face of the Camden location.

"As a new brand entering such a culturally-rich neighborhood, it was important for us to show respect for the community and showcase the genuine excitement we have to become a part of it," Tony Barr, Wendy's senior international marketing director for APMEA & Europe, explained.

Interestingly enough, Punk Wendy was the hairstyle that apparently won the vote, and an image of the spiky-haired Wendy can also be seen outside of the Camden restaurant. But it seems that Emo Wendy was just too good to ignore: The angsty mascot also landed her face on the wall, and the rest is social media history. Maybe all the attention will finally cheer her up!

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