Emirates Airlines Further Upgrades Its Service, Now with an Unbeatable Perk

The new ‘Champagne and Caviar Experience’ is part of a $2 billion upgrade for the upmarket airline.

Emirates Airline service upgrades
Photo: Courtesy of Emirates Airline

Dubai-based Emirates is already known as one of the world's most upmarket airlines: Even in first class, you don't often fly with options like a shower spa. But apparently, Emirates isn't content with their current level of luxury, announcing yesterday that they plan to spend over $2 billion more to enhance the inflight experience across their entire fleet – including a tasty new first class benefit: all-you-can-eat caviar.

The announcement featured a laundry list of upgrades, including things like "elevated meal choices, a brand new vegan menu, a 'cinema in the sky' experience, cabin interior upgrades, [and] sustainable choices" – all of which begin rolling out this month. First class meals will now include dishes such as "pan-fried salmon trout with moqueca sauce and creole rice [and] roasted duck breast with orange thyme jus, steamed broccolini and fondant potatoes" while vegan diners can opt for "pan-roasted king oyster mushrooms, flavoursome jackfruit biryani and sliced kohlrabi garnished with burnt orange." Plus, meals in general will now be "farm to fork" where available.

But none of these new initiatives feel as indulgent as what Emirates bills as its "Champagne and Caviar Experience." First class flyers will now be offered "unlimited portions of Persian caviar." And don't worry: The airline also has the perfect pairing – Dom Perignon vintage champagne – with Emirates boasting that they are "the only airline with an exclusive agreement to offer the luxury brand on-board."

"While others respond to industry pressures with cost cuts, Emirates is flying against the grain and investing to deliver ever better experiences to our customers," Tim Clark, Emirates' president, stated. "Through the pandemic we've continued to launch new services and initiatives to ensure our customers travel with the assurance and ease, including digital initiatives to improve customer experiences on the ground. Now we're rolling out a series of intensive programmes to take Emirates' signature inflight experiences to the next level."

Who wouldn't want to toast some Dom Perignon and caviar to that, I guess?

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