Consider it Varys's revenge.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated November 01, 2019

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones received mixed reviews for its conclusion and ultimate seating of Bran Stark on whatever was left of the Iron Throne. But the series ended up making headlines for a different reason: Someone left a coffee cup on set.

In episode four of season eight, a to-go cup was seen sitting in front of Queen Daenarys Stormborn, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, Drinker of Hot Beverages. Did it belong to Queen Dany after all? Last night, actress Emilia Clarke appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her new romantic comedy Last Christmas and attempted to defend her and her character’s honor with a revelation about who really left the anachronistic prop (which was later edited out) on set.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon first brought up the coffee cup incident by producing a photo of the shot, before reminding the audience that fellow Thrones actress Sophie Turner, who portrayed Sansa Stark, pointed the finger at Clarke on her own appearance on Tonight. But Clarke isn’t taking that accusation lying down. She revealed that at an Emmys pre-party, actor Conleth Hill, who played the sly and masterminding character Varys, copped to the mishap. Watch below:

“The coffee cup was mine,” Hill allegedly told Clarke. “I think it was, I’m sorry, darling. I didn’t want to say anything because it seemed the heat was very much on you.”

Then again, Varys was always cagey about being loyal… especially to Daenarys!

Of course, as Fallon and Clarke clarified, that’s who she thinks left the cup. But it seems like the likely explanation. I mean, why would Hill lie about such a thing? Unless this is just another political ploy. Considering Varys's demise was at the orders of Dany herself, it's a fan theory worth investigating.