You and your smart mug have forged a very important bond—now let the whole world know.
24k gold lid from ember
Credit: Courtesy of Ember

If you love your high-tech, temperature maintaining, rechargeable Ember smart mug why don't you marry it? Before today, the answer might have been that you simply didn't know how, but with the newly announced 24K Gold Halo Lid now available for pre-order, well, buddy, you're just about out of excuses.

"To celebrate Ember’s award-winning design," says Ember's product description, "we have created a limited edition 24k Gold Halo Lid." Accompanied by a photo of the ring in a box that, sans context, it might look like something you'd propose to a human with. The listing boasts that "the open design of the Halo Lid indulges your senses by allowing you to smell the aroma of your favorite coffee."

With a cooling system at the top and a heating element at the bottom, the Ember can alter and maintain the temperature of your beverage for hours at a time, adjusted by twisting the dial on the mug, or if that's too old school for you, an app. Crowdfunded last year on Indiegogo the $149.95 Ember mug includes a "charging coaster" and lid that is not made from 24 Karat gold.

For that, you'll need another $99.95, so you'll probably want to be sure the Ember is a mug you're truly committed to. The design by Ammunition Group, who are also behind Beats by Dre and the equally smart June Intelligent Oven, isn't one you'll get tired of seeing, especially when topped off by the gleaming ring of gold. As Ember puts it, the "limited edition 24k Gold Halo Lid presses onto the Ember mug in place of the travel lid, taking your Ember to new heights." Just make sure you and your mug always communicate and respect one another, and those heights should be as long-lasting as your preferred beverage temperature.

Ember 24k Gold Halo Lid, $99.95 at