The billionaire businessman revealed his plans in a series of tweets over the weekend. 

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk caused a furor when he tweeted that he plans to start a candy company, promising that his latest enterprise—whenever it materializes—will be “amazing.”

While there’s always a chance Musk was simply off firing off late night tweets to test out some of his business ideas with the public, the billionaire later posted that he is “super super serious,” about the venture. It's a bit difficult to completely understand tone over the internet, but it’s probably best to take the guy who founded a company that builds spaceships seriously.

Of course, the inevitable comparisons to Willy Wonka began to pop up, though Musk seemed to balk at the suggestion. He tweeted that the plot to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory “is really messed up,” and yes he’s right, it is. Still, it’s hard not to see similarities between the fictional character and Musk—both are eccentric, notoriously private, and brilliant.

Eventually, Musk began crowdsourcing ideas for his hypothetical candy company, and his followers began suggesting all manner of products for him to develop, from healthy candy to candy that doesn’t cause cavities. One person even joked that he should make all the candy from the Harry Potter universe a reality.

According to CNN, the idea for the candy company stems from a feud between Musk and his fellow billionaire Warren Buffet. The two sparred over conflicting business models, with Buffet—whose company Berkshire Hathaway owns Sees Candies—commenting that Musk wouldn’t “want to take us on in candy."

So could Musk simply be openly mocking his competitor? Or does he really want to start his own candy company to prove Buffet wrong? In the wars between billionaire entrepreneurs the public are merely witnesses on the sidelines, but hopefully we’ll benefit from the healthy competition and actually get that candy company Musk seems to be dreaming up.