The EMP Summer House will return, with a Winter House debuting later this year.
Credit: Donovan Reese/Getty Images

It's not easy getting a reservation at Eleven Madison Park, which may be the only downside to its ranking as number one on 2017's World's 50 Best Restaurants list. But if you're willing to travel a little, you might soon have an alternative method of enjoying head chef Daniel Humm's cooking, thanks to the just-announced return of both its East Hampton, NY "Summer House" pop up and a new "Winter House" in Aspen later this year.

The EMP Summer House first came about in 2017, as a way to keep the restaurant's staff employed while it was closed for renovations from most of June through October. Like the first one, this year's EMP Summer House will be split between two areas. First, the indoors area, which will bring back last year's corn flatbread with truffle and lobster tempura with chile Aioli, plus a possible addition of DIY fish tacos. There will also be a more casual tented backyard area, which will feature lobster rolls, fried chicken picnics and lobster boils (clearly the area must have some good lobster).

The Summer House opens on the start of Memorial Day weekend (Friday, May 25) when EMP's fleet of branded BMW's will begin shuttling guests across the Montauk highway. The Winter House, on the other hand, is less set in stone, but Humm and co-owner Will Guidara say it will be in Aspen proper rather than a drive away, and that everything from the menu to the opening date depends on what location they settle on.

They do say, however, that the more wintry menu will likely include dishes in the neighborhood of schnitzel and crispy potato rosti, and definitely feature Humm's trademark fondue, which involves eggs and shaved black truffles, and is, he tells Bloomberg, "one of the most insane things." Reservations go on sale beginning May 1 at, but you need to have an American Express card to make one. Fortunately, you have just enough time to pick one up.