Reservations are available for Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's newly-renovated space.
update on menu and renovation in 11 madison square park
Credit: Courtesy of Francesco Tonelli

The world's best restaurant, at least according to the unambiguously named The World's 50 Best Restaurants, is coming back. At 9 a.m. Eastern Time this morning, New York City's Eleven Madison Park officially reopened reservations, announcing a return date of October 8th.

As you may recall, Will Guidara and Daniel Humm closed their acclaimed restaurant on June 9 to undergo some needed reservations. The pair took over the space from Danny Meyer back in 2006, but despite the eatery's major evolution into its current fine-dining form, the kitchen had remained largely the same. Ostensibly, the new kitchen design will allow the $295 eight-course tasting menu to be crafted more efficiently.

In the interim, as any New Yorker looking for a break is prone to do, the EMP team has been spending the summer out in the Hamptons with its EMP Summer House incarnation. That pop-up restaurant is set to close on Labor Day, at which point hopefully everyone on board will have a chance to take an actual break before the original space reopens the following month.

As for what can be expected once the revamped Eleven Madison Park opens in October, well, many things will remain basically the same: According to Eater, the eight- to ten-course tasting menu will still cost $295 and will still need to be paid for in advance. But the biggest front-of-the-house change is expected to be in the bar area, which should offer more of a lounge feel. Bar tables will offer reservations for a $145, five-course tasting menu, but other seats will offer an a la carte menu. In general, Humm and Guidara said they want the area to feel livelier and attract more regulars. "It's hard to be a regular when you're serving a three and half hour meal," Guidara said back in February. "The bar is a good way [to visit more]. We're here a lot. It's fun for us to have regulars. We want to double down that."