"7 Days Out" will take viewers through the week leading up to the restaurant's relaunch, among other noteworthy events.

When the world’s then-reigning “Best Restaurant” according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants decided to shut its doors and reinvent itself from the literal ground up—as New York City’s renowned Eleven Madison Park decided to do last year—it was a big deal. (Sure, Noma kind of did the same thing. They were both big deals!) But was Eleven Madison Park’s remodel and reopening television-worthy? A new Netflix show thinks so.

Eleven Madison Park coffee
Credit: KENA BETANCUR/Getty Images

A forthcoming Netflix series called 7 Days Out plans to devote an entire episode to highlight Eleven Madison Park’s 2017 journey from the best to the hopefully-even-better, according to Eater. The documentary-style series sets out to cover “the most significant historical and cultural events in the worlds of fashion, food, space, sports, and entertainment,” and yes, you could definitely describe EMP’s transition as a significant cultural event in the world of food. By comparison, other episodes will apparently deal with things like the Westminster Dog Show and Chanel’s fashion show.

But though dogs and models always make for good television, the EMP episode seems especially fitting because Eater says this new Netflix show comes courtesy of the same creators as another food-focused Netflix series, Chef’s Table. For their dive into Eleven Madison Park, the crew apparently followed around owners Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, as well as “their entourage,” for the week leading up to the restaurant’s big reopening—which sounds like it provides a hint into where the show got its 7 Days Out name from.

There’s no mention of when the show is actually set to debut on Netflix—but it’s probably safe to assume that the episode will appear sooner than you’d be able to score a weekend dinner reservation at the actual Eleven Madison Park. And your annual Netflix subscription definitely costs less as well.