By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated October 31, 2016
Credit: Facebook/The Maryland Zoo

People smashing pumpkins as a prank is definitely a Halloween foul. But an elephant smashing a pumpkin? That’s just adorable. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has posted a video on Facebok of one of their resident pachyderms enjoying a halloween treat of its own: a giant pumpkin. You can even hear the satisfying smashing sound as the elephant’s foot bursts through.

The 8,000 lb. elephant not only smashes the squash, but gets to chow down on it as well. Pumpkins are known digestive aids for animals, including house pets, so the elephants are probably familiar with eating pumpkins. According to a comment from the zoo, “Seasonal produce is something that gets incorporated into many of the animals’ diets, but this is the only time of year when there’s a real pumpkin feast!” It's only a matter of time before these beasts get hip to pumpkin spice.