It shocks your salt-craving tongue into sodium-free submission.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 28, 2018
Electric Fork for Salt
Credit: © Rekimoto Lab

Trying to cut your sodium intake? Scientists in Japan have created a tool that might help: The "electric flavoring fork" uses electrical currents to simulate the taste of salt on your tongue.

According to Nikkei Technology, the researchers showcased the fork at "No Salt Restaurant," a tasting event in which diners ate tonkatsu and other dishes prepared entirely without salt. The battery-powered utensil, which can deliver three levels of salty sensation (as well as sourness, if desired), supposedly made these salt-free foods palatable. Call us skeptical, not least because you'll only taste the "salt" while the tines are actually touching your tongue. And it's hard to chew with a fork in your mouth.

The "electric flavoring fork" produces these taste sensations by stimulating your taste buds with electricity. If this technology makes its way to the U.S., should you use it to shock your salt-craving tongue into sodium-free submission? There might be no need: Salt may not really be bad for you at all.

[h/t to Gizmodo]